Monday, September 15, 2008

Glad last few weeks are over...

Well the last few weeks have been SUPER busy!!! To begin with, Keenan had his first middle school football coaching debut! His 7th graders played Travis and Westover won 8-6. Keenan was by himself with 2 teams lots of kids! They did so good and Kaden and I were so proud of our coach!! Since then he has won more than he has that is good. He is staying busy, having 2 games a week, but he is loving it.

Then all week my cheerleaders were preparing for the BIG pep rally on Friday - (they played the bell street campus on Friday night-tough loss but it was a great pep rally!!!) Then we had our 3rd pep rally in a row...I was ready for a break. We are now preparing for our Homecoming Pep Rally on October 9th! Lots to do.

Kaden is talking and reading all of the time right now. He just loves to say any and everything he can. So of course we have to watch what we are saying around him for sure now!!!! :) He can now open any and every door in our house. He is just tall enough to stand on his tip toes and reach the handle and pull it down to open. At first I thought it was really cute and funny but now that he can get into everything is kind of annoying. I cant keep him out of any room or the pantry. :) (Which he always seems to go to and grab something he just thinks he has to have!) We were wanting to replace all of our door handles because they are brass and go to nickle but were just waiting until we saved up the money. We might have to do it sooner than expceted!! :)

Last week I had something going on every night of the week. I am glad it is this week because tonight until Thursday, nothing to do...YAY!!!! Friday I go to Midland for our first out of town football game to cheer at. Yes, it will be a very long night. But Keenan and Kaden get some bonding time. :)

My sister and Micah are trying to sell their house...they thought they had it sold and it fell through today. I am so upset for them and just wish it could all work out but I know it will eventually, in God's time. I just am sad and hate to see my sister so upset and stressed out.

Well, the coaches of Randall have their picture taken for the progam and then they have them and their families take pictures as well. I thought the family pics were going to be in the program (like Tascosa's) but I was wrong...just the coaches. But we did get a cute little family picture.

I am really liking my classes this year and my kids. Some are a handful and being Cheerleading sponsor brings me in to more drama than I ever imagined!! But I sure do love those girls and it is not AS bad as I was warned. It is difficult at times, but fun most others!
But anyways, I miss getting on here as much as I use to, but I guess that's what! :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

More pictures from the weekend!

My handsome nephew Mason
Mason "Muttin' Bustin" Kaden watching his cousin Mason
Handsome Mason

Kaden and Boston in there boots before the rodeo

Kaden eating a banana in the RV

Kaden ready to go to the rodeo

We had loads of fun!!!