Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer is here...

...and we have not stopped since school was out. To begin with Keenan's younger brother, Kameron, graduated from Randall. We went to the graduation and were all so proud that he made this great accomplishment! :) Then I started cheerleading practice with all 31 of my girls to get ready for camp. We had 2 weeks of 2 a days and then went to camp last week. (which was fun but I am SO glad to be home!!!)  During that time, Keenan worked a Randall basketball camp and is working another camp next week. It is nice extra money. In the midst of all of that, Keenan has also been coaching a 6th and 7th grade team which has also kept him busy.  But Kaden did enjoy going to some of the practices with his dadda and some of the games. We have also been spending TONS of time with Heather, Micah, Mason and Boston!!! We go to the ranch and hang for a few days, they come to our house and hang out, go to the pool, the guys go golfing or fishing...we have just been busy with fun! :)
Kaden has grown so much in the last few months it seems...he is really coming to be so much fun and so full of life...he keeps me and Keenan going ALL OF THE TIME!!!! Hopefully soon we will be able to add a new addition to our family, we are just waiting on God's timing and will... :)
My nephew Boston turns 2 this Thursday!!! We are going to his fun outdoor water party out at Gamma & Pops!!! We are looking forward to that. 
Kaden LOVES being outside so I know he will have so much fun. :)
Kaden also went on his first camping trip at the lake with me, Keenan, his Uncle Blake, his girlfriend Kelsie and her brother. Other than the ridiculous wind that came for about an hour that night it was a great little overnight trip!!! Kaden did so good. I was very impressed!
My nephew Mason was in a baseball league for 6 & 7 year olds and had at least 1 game, sometimes 2 games a week! We loved watching him play...his team got SO much better and did an amazing job. They have a blog and check it out, even though the season is over...www.amarilloredsox.blogspot.com.  They finished up at the end of the season tournament in 2nd place but did very well.  They beat the only undeafted team in the midst of it all. I am so proud of Mason and his team!!
One of our close friends, Marcus, graduated with Keenan from high school as well as played baskeball with him and I am really close to his wife Amy, are going through some hard times right now.  They just had their 2nd healthy baby boy, Gabe and got a beautiful new house, but Marcus just left to go to Fort Hood and will be leaving at the end of June, first of July to go to Kuwait to serve our nation in the army.  Having a newborn at home with a 1 1/2 year old by herself will be hard in it self but then the constant thinking of my husband being at war and praying for a safe return will be a struggle. This will be his 2nd time to be over there and hopefully he will be back in the states by March! So please keep them in your prayers!
We are currently rooting for those Longhorns to pull it out and win the CWS...they are down 0-1 right now, but hopefully they will win the next 2! Last night was a tough loss....
One of my friends had her baby last week when I was away at cheer camp...Kaci had her sweet baby girl, Brogan Elizabeth Bohn. I cant wait to see sweet thing and squeeze her! :) I have 2 other friends that are both due in August (days apart) and then another friend of mine that will be due in December!!!! There is someone close to me that is expecting but it is not well known yet! She will be due in February! Very new but I am WAY excited! She will announce it soon... :) Babies Babies everywhere!!!
The next few weeks are hopefully going to slow down a little!!! we are just ready to lay back and hang out with our family and friends... Love to all...