Sunday, December 28, 2008

Very Busy

Here are a few pictures from the past few weeks: :)

Kaden and Boston Christmas morning

Mason, Micah, Heather & Boston Christmas Day

Keenan, Kaden and I Christmas Day

Thomas, Heather, Jordan, me and Blake Christmas Day

Kaden and Boston watching a movie :)

Kaden eating spaghetti!!! :)
Yes, he had to take a shower with dad after this meal!

Kaden and Boston brushing their teeth

Birthday club girls at our Christmas Party!!

It was a very busy month for us and this is just a few pictures of what we were doing! I will add more later!! Have a great rest of 08!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Holidays are upon us

I just love this time of year. Thanksgiving and Christmas times are my favorite because of the time spent with family and friends...and the break from work! I love still being in school and getting the same break I did while growing up. :) Keenan is really ready because this is his first year and he was always very jealous of me when I had a 3 day break for Thanksgiving and a 2 week break for Christmas. So now we will get to spend it together with Kaden. We are very excited.
Other than the holidays coming up, we are staying busy with basketball. It has started in every way for our household...Keenan coaching the 8th grade boys teams at Westover, all 3 of my cheerleading squads cheering at Tascosa basketball games, Keenan playing on a city league team AND soon my nephew Mason playing on a YMCA team coached by Keenan and Pops. Thankfully, we all like basketball pretty well. Kaden seems to be liking it too...
I will post pictures soon, my connection cable to my camera is at school so I have no new ones on my computer to share. But soon I will. :)
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving...Lord knows we are so thankful for everything he has blessed us with!!!
Much love...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall is here...


My sister started a tradition with Mason when he was little to take him to a pumpkin patch and let him run around, find some pumpkins, take some pictures and just have fun. Since Kaden and Boston have been around, we have continued that. We went last weekend to a pumpkin patch and we had lots of fun!!! Kaden did throw some of the pumpkins too!

We also had a Halloween party with some of my friends and all our kids!!! Kaden was a lion, Boston an elephant and Mason was a blue Power Ranger. We had lots of fun there too.

I also wanted to share some pics at the WT football game and then a few others I just like. :) Hope everyone is having a wonderfull beginning to Fall!!! We are!!

**I dont really know why some of the pictures are small and some are normal size...I think it has to do with the setting on my camea. It must have gotten switched on some of them. Sorry!! Hope you can still see them all. :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well, lately, we have been so super busy! I know I say that every week, but we just cant slow down. I havent had the chance to just sit in front of the computer and catch up on my blogs, favorite TV shows I have missed, or just to browse. :) But I did want to share some pictures of Kaden lately...

He stayed with Gamma and Pops for a little bit the other night and they got to ride horses!!!

By what they said and as you see in the pictures, he loved it. When they had to put the horses up, he cried! And he never cries for Gamma and Pops!! (mostly because he usually gets whatever he wants). But he had so much fun with them that night. When I got there to get him, he came running to the door, smiled at me and turned right back around and went to his Pops. Sat in his lap and that was it...he didnt want to leave!

He finally did, screaming all the way to the car and half way home. It was wonderful! But all that crying made him even more tired than he already was and he fell right to sleep when we got home. :)
Kaden is trying to talk and repeat just about everything anyone says. Keenan will count to 10 and after each number, Kaden will attempt to repeat it. It is so cute! He is growing up so fast and has the cutest personality! He went through a little bit of a period where he was mad at the world and nothing made him happy (or with me that is) but it has gotten SO much better!
His cousins, Mason & Boston recently moved out to Boys Ranch and that is a good 45 minutes from our house so it has been a change and taken some time to get used to. Mason had received a basketball goal from Gamma and Pops but at their new house, there was no where to put it. So Mason informed his mom and dad "just take it to Uncle Keenan's house..." so there you go. We are the keepers of an outdoor basketball goal for awhile. I dont know about Kaden, but I know that made Keenan way excited! He shoots on it as much as possible. :) And Kaden just loves being outside with his dad and trying to shoot. Well tonight, Kaden was shooting and making some baskets!!

He could have done that for hours! He loved it! So thank you Mason for letting us borrow it for awhile! The guys at my house are putting it to good use!

So, Keenan and I recently got IPhones!!! They are so addicting it is crazy! The amount of stuff that one little thing can do amazes me; and I am a technology teacher! We are addicted, IPhone junkies!!! But we love it! It is just taking some time to getting use to the touch screen and all the different gadgets!

Football season is just about over...4 more games for me and just a few more for Keenan...but then basketball season starts! I will be super busy with the cheerleaders and Keenan will be coaching at Westover and then helping with Randall. :) So it doesnt look like we will slow down much in the coming months.

Fall is officially here and I love it! That means Thanksgiving is getting close and Christmas is even closer! I just love the holidays! Mostly because of the family that comes in and the time we all spend together...the break from school is always nice too!

Have a wonderful rest of the week and I will try not to be as long till my next post!!!

By the way...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Glad last few weeks are over...

Well the last few weeks have been SUPER busy!!! To begin with, Keenan had his first middle school football coaching debut! His 7th graders played Travis and Westover won 8-6. Keenan was by himself with 2 teams lots of kids! They did so good and Kaden and I were so proud of our coach!! Since then he has won more than he has that is good. He is staying busy, having 2 games a week, but he is loving it.

Then all week my cheerleaders were preparing for the BIG pep rally on Friday - (they played the bell street campus on Friday night-tough loss but it was a great pep rally!!!) Then we had our 3rd pep rally in a row...I was ready for a break. We are now preparing for our Homecoming Pep Rally on October 9th! Lots to do.

Kaden is talking and reading all of the time right now. He just loves to say any and everything he can. So of course we have to watch what we are saying around him for sure now!!!! :) He can now open any and every door in our house. He is just tall enough to stand on his tip toes and reach the handle and pull it down to open. At first I thought it was really cute and funny but now that he can get into everything is kind of annoying. I cant keep him out of any room or the pantry. :) (Which he always seems to go to and grab something he just thinks he has to have!) We were wanting to replace all of our door handles because they are brass and go to nickle but were just waiting until we saved up the money. We might have to do it sooner than expceted!! :)

Last week I had something going on every night of the week. I am glad it is this week because tonight until Thursday, nothing to do...YAY!!!! Friday I go to Midland for our first out of town football game to cheer at. Yes, it will be a very long night. But Keenan and Kaden get some bonding time. :)

My sister and Micah are trying to sell their house...they thought they had it sold and it fell through today. I am so upset for them and just wish it could all work out but I know it will eventually, in God's time. I just am sad and hate to see my sister so upset and stressed out.

Well, the coaches of Randall have their picture taken for the progam and then they have them and their families take pictures as well. I thought the family pics were going to be in the program (like Tascosa's) but I was wrong...just the coaches. But we did get a cute little family picture.

I am really liking my classes this year and my kids. Some are a handful and being Cheerleading sponsor brings me in to more drama than I ever imagined!! But I sure do love those girls and it is not AS bad as I was warned. It is difficult at times, but fun most others!
But anyways, I miss getting on here as much as I use to, but I guess that's what! :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

More pictures from the weekend!

My handsome nephew Mason
Mason "Muttin' Bustin" Kaden watching his cousin Mason
Handsome Mason

Kaden and Boston in there boots before the rodeo

Kaden eating a banana in the RV

Kaden ready to go to the rodeo

We had loads of fun!!!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

What a Fun weekend

We just got back from the Boys Ranch Rodeo and it was loads of fun!! We watched Mason ride the sheep in the Muttin' Bustin and that was the best part! We did get boots on Kaden and Boston, but I did not get any pictures of them with my camera. So when I get some of the I will post! They looked so dang cute! But it was a good weekend spending with my sister and her family that now reside out there! My mom and Randy and Randy's sister and husband, Tamra and Guy rented an RV and came out there too. That was fun to spend time with them. Getting together as a family is always good!

We got home and you could tell Kaden missed home. :) He just ran from one room to the other finding his favorite thing in each room and grabbing it and playing with it for just a second before he moved on to the next! He has not settled down since we got home. He then ate and that was interesting! Letting a little guy eat hamburger helper with a spoon when he is first learning how to feed himself with utensils is always a mess! But he did and ate it all! (Even though most of the juices were on the table and floor!!!)

But I did take some pictures of him playing for a little bit to share. (Apparently I dont post enough pictures--Heather) So enjoy!!

We are going to rest and relax tomorrow on our day off and then back to the routine of life! :) Have a wonderful labor day!

(Apparently I had taken 1 picture at the rodeo waiting for it to begin! --the first picture! and Aunt Heather had taken one of me in my new boots! Thanks aunt lala! :)!!!)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back to a routine...

Well school starts tomorrow and we are off for an exciting and very busy year! Keenan is ready to start teaching at Westover Park (we have been up there all weekend making sure) and I am ready to start yet again another year at Tascosa. Kaden has been going to Mrs. Becky's for most of the summer so nothing new for him. Kaden will just be attending A LOT of sporting events with mom and dad!! Between cheerleading at Tascosa and all the games dad will be coaching, he has no choice! This week we have a football game Thursday night, Friday night and then we are heading to Boys Ranch to watch our nephew Mason be a part of the Muttin' Bustin' this weekend! He (and we) are so excited!!! There is a picture of him practicing on He is pretty good! and ready to go Bustin'! :) Mason will also be starting school tomorrow! and I cant believe it is already time for him to do this!!! He is so big! But he will do so good and impress his teacher so much because he is so smart! I just know it! :)
I will let you know how our first week goes as teachers. Keep us in your prayers!! :)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Red Velvet Cake

We went out to Gamma & Pops house to have dinner and celebrate Heather & Micahs 6 year wedding anniversary. Gamma had gotten them a red velvet cake (which is there favorite) for dessert. Well we are working on Kaden eating more by himself with his hands and a fork or spoon. We decided to give him a plate of the cake and take him outside and have a good messy time (1st birthday cake time x2). Well boy, did he have fun!! He ate the entire piece (which was pretty big) and was a mess from literally head to toe! He had some in his nose, ears, between his toes, in his diaper, EVERYWHERE!!! It was fun! Also, Boston and Kaden were fixing to go to bed and we snapped a few cute pictures!! :) Enjoy the pictures