Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Please Pray

Some of Keenan and I's good friends just found out they miscarried again. They also miscarried this past January. please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this difficult time.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Summer is almost over...

Well I got back from Cheerleading camp on Friday afternoon, and I was so ready! It was a fun week and I loved spending time with my girls and getting to know them better, but it was a VERY straining week. Being a sponsor/coach of any team or group at a camp like that is hard! So, I am sorry to all the sponsors that took me to camp. :) I had to be the responsible adult and 29 girls were under my watch for 4 days! That was a lot!!! We only had to go to the ER once and when one of my girls was getting her lip stitched up, I almost fainted! So much for being the responsible one!!! It was crazy, but glad it is over! The girls came home with the "banana" which is the most spirited award for the entire camp! So yay, go Tascosa!!! :) and a lot of trophies and ribbons that are still in the back of my car! Needless to say, we had fun, glad we went, but glad to be home!

So I have this coming week to myself, no work, cheerleading, anything. My last official week of summer. Keenan starts his new job on Wednesday with technology training and new teacher stuff and he is working the RHS football camp too! So he will be busy all week! So much for us getting to spend a few days together before he starts his job! But he is excited and I am happy for him and I am looking forward to the adventure he is about to begin! (we are about to begin!!!) The following week is cheerleading, then I am back on the clock for school! I cant believe summer is almost over!

I am excited about the new school year coming up, meeting my new kids, experiencing all what cheerleading sponsor has to offer, watching Kaden grow and grow every moment and everything else the year has to offer. I am sad that it is already here, because that means my best friend will be moving 30+ minutes away, instead of being less than a minute away! It will be an interesting year to come but the distance will make us stronger. :) Kaden is sure going to miss his 2 cousins, aunt and uncle so much but that means we will just have to drive a little longer to see them now! I guess that is one reason God told us to trade our Tahoe in for a car! To save on gas traveling back and forth!! Don't get me wrong, we will still have the phone to talk about being a coaches wife and all the fun things that has to offer. It was just going to be a lot easier with our husbands coaching together and living 1 minute away from each other! But I know this is for the best and it is not for forever!

Kaden is getting so big and so funny!! He has been known the past week to walk himself in circles until he makes himself dizzy enough to fall. When he falls, he just laughs, sits there for a minute to catch himself and then gets up and does it again! It is pretty entertaining. If I can catch it on video soon, I will post it for all to see! He has been doing this high pitch squealing noise lately that is rather annoying! He sounds like a little girl (which doesn't faze him at all right now because he doesn't care if it makes him sound like a little girl or not, as long as he gets his way!) When I left last Tuesday to go to camp, it was very hard, because Kaden was crying really hard in his daddy's hands as I drove off. I heard him on the phone talking to me over the week and that was good for me! It helped, some. :) But when I got back home Friday, he was taking a nap. He woke up shortly after I got there and you could tell he was surprised to see me but VERY happy!!! Now, he cant leave my side. Even this morning at church when we dropped him off, he started to fuss at first. He never does that!! But he was fine after a little fuss! They said he had lots of fun the rest of the morning! But he is starting to try to run, which his feet get tangled up under him and he usually falls, but it is so cute and amazing how he reacts to each new thing in his life!

We saw Gamma, Pops, Uncle Micah, Aunt Heather, Cousins Mason and Boston tonight for the first time in a few days! They all were out of town for a long time! Kaden and Boston's reactions to the first time they saw each other today was priceless. They both ran to each other with there arms open and big smiles on there face. They ended up going right past each other, stopped, turned around and looked at each other and started laughing! It was too cute! They sure missed each other! I am glad all my family made it back in to town today safe from their vacations!!! We missed them SO VERY much!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and have a great coming week! I plan to have a relaxing one! :) We will see...

Cousin's Gettin' down!

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Saturday, July 19, 2008


Well, my cousins just left today and we got to hang out with them for a few days. The first time Kaden met Brendan and Brayden, he was only a few months old so he doesnt remember that, and the first time he saw them when they got here, he became his bashful self again. But everytime we saw them after that, his face would light up when they came in. Those 2 boys are so good with little guys like my Kaden. He had so much fun with them and played and laughed all the time!! My cousins being 14 and 10, they were just the right age to entertain. (And it helped so much when Keenan and I were getting ready this morning and they were playing with Kaden in his room --usually he is right there every step we take, wanting to play or be held!) My cousins and aunt and uncle lived in Keller Texas but just moved to Phoenix!! So it will be a little farther to see them now (more like a plane ride instead of a car ride) but I hope Kaden gets many more memories with them like he did the past few days!

Next week, I leave on Tuesday to go down to Lubbock for UCA cheerleading camp!! I take my 29 cheerleaders down there for 4 days of fun cheerleading all day long!! I am thinking it will be a long week. And, I havent left Kaden and Keenan by themselves since February when I went to Austin for a conference for school! So it will be hard but interesting! (I cant say relaxing because I dont think there will be much of that!) But since I have never gone to a cheerleading camp, I am kind of nervous! Now I know that I am the sponsor and I dont have to perform or do much cheer stuff (thank GOD!!!) but it is still nerve racking for me! Please pray!!! :)

Also, Keenan is finished at Weyerhaeuser (YAY!!!) and has a week and a half off before he starts his coaching gig! It will be an interesting and a tight month and a half for us but we will be okay...just got to trust in Him! Keenan is a different guy than he has been the last few months because he is finished out there. I am so happy for him and hope he just loves teaching and coaching!! I know he will do great.

My sister, Heather, and her family went out of town for 9 days! They left on Thursday. I already miss them like crazy and it has only been 2 days! But they are in Dallas now and will be going to San Antonio to Sea World next week! I know Mason and Boston will LOVE it! I wish we were with them!

Well I have babbled enough for now, have a great evening!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


I wanted to post some recent pictures of my sweet baby boy. He has grown up so fast and has the cutest personality! He is so much fun to play with and all the things he says and does makes us laugh continuously! From the "Uh-Oh" to his sweet innocent laugh he does when he knows he just did something he wasnt supposed to, he keeps us entertained all day long! The few pictures are of Kaden riding the 4-wheeler with Gamma (which he loves so much!), Kaden eating...:), Kaden at his dad's first basketball game this year (look at those eyes!!!) and then Kaden getting in and out of a shoebox. Yes, he is a little big for it, but he made it work. and it was so much fun when I pushed him around in it. :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! Kaden didnt stay up to see the fireworks but we still had loads of fun during the day!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Beach pictures!!

We recently went to the lake and took pictures on the beach with my side of the family. It was so much fun and the pictures turned out great! Photography by Tisha is who took them and how wonderful they are!