Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall is among us!!

So fall officially blew in tonight...and it got chilly...Kaden said he was cold the whole way out to the car from Chili's...yes, over and over and over again! :)

We recently took some pictures with my mom, Randy, Heather, Micah and the boys. They turned out so good! :) My sister is truly amazing!!

We went to the fair on Saturday night and have some cute pictures from that as well...I will post soon!
So we have been super busy. I recently got done being a Chi Omega alumnae and helping out the WT chapter through a great recruitment! I love helping and only want the best but I am SO glad last week is over. It was a long week and being away from my 2 guys was hard.
Kaden rode the horse with his Gamma and Pops in the fair parade this last week! He absolutley loved it and could not talk about anything else!
Kaden has also teeteed in the potty! He has done it twice now... :) (anything is great!)...once at Nicole's (the babysitters) and the other time and Pops and Gamma's with Pops! He refuses to do it at his own house, but whatever, at least he finally went! Since we had promised him when he finally would go in the potty that we would get him any toy (now dont criticize us yet...for the longest time he would want a toy at the store, we would say okay if you go teetee in the potty and he would say no thank you and set the toy back on the shelf...stuburn kid...who knows where he got that from!:)!!!) but anyways, Keenan took him to the store after he went potty to get his toy! He came back with some "Car's" stuff and a Dora Book...yes a dora book. hey, he is learning spanish so whatever!
Well in the life of Tascosa cheerleading, that has been busy! We beat Amarillo High!!! Yay!!! The first time in like 4 years! It was such a good game and I am glad we came out on top. We are staying busy with games all week but have the weekend off so I am glad for that! Randall on the other hand is struggling but Keenan's JH football teams are doing pretty well. I just want those Raiders to win one! Come on!!!
Heather finds out what she is having very soon...I cant wait to find out if I am going to have another nephew or a niece!! either one will be PERFECT with me and so exciting!!!
So since fall has arrived that means the holidays are upon us...Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! I just love the holidays especially when I get to spend it with my family! I am so truly blessed and could not ask for a better family!!
Everyone stay warm as the coldness blows on in...:)