Saturday, February 13, 2010

We are...

having a sweet, wonderful little boy!!! :) Kline Jackson looked amazingly perfect in our last sonogram and is due July 10th! We were so thankful for our blessings and how God has given us so much! Kaden was not to excited about having a brother at first, (he wanted a sister just like Boston!) but he has warmed up to the idea and now calls him Kline in my tummy! So now that we know that he is a sweet Kline we have got to get Kaden moved out of his room into the extra bedroom and get it all ready for Kaden's big boy room!!! With Gamma and Aunt Heather's help over spring break, hopefully we will be set. We are also being given a twin bed and toy chest from my aunt and uncle from Arizona. We are meeting them the first weekend of spring break to get it all and we are so thankful!!! This is such a blessing for us as we prepare to bring our 2nd little member of our family into our lives! :) Lots to do and only 4 MONTHS until he will be here!!!! OMG!!!

My sweet neice Emme will be here THIS Thursday!!! My sister is being induced with her last little bundle of joy on Thursday morning and we are so excited. I cannot wait to meet her. It will be such a special time!!! Pictures soon!!!! :)

Here is a sono pic of sweet Kline Jackson...he was not very cooperative with the pictures but we got one, kind of. :) have a blessed week!!!