Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Well the last 7+ months have been fun, busy and entertaining! Since Christmas we have been enjoying and loving life!
Kaden turned 5 and had a cool super mario brothers party! We had 3 Wii's set up with multiple games set up around our living room.  We had a "power up" candy bar for when all the kids left! We played, sang happy birthday and had so much fun!  He also ended his first year in Pre K and that was so fun as a mom...to see your child grow and learn. He had a wonderful teacher and loved learning how to write and spell his name! He played baseball and basketball and learned so much!  He got more hits and got so much faster.  He could still shoot so good in basketball and learning how to dribble better. I love watching him play! He was also a wonderful big brother as he was teaching Kline all the tricks and trades! I love watching him grown and learn to be such a good big brother and best friend to Kline.  I love him and so glad he is our oldest kiddo!

 Kaden loves his best bud Boston so much...they are growing up and learning from each other every time they are around each other! They are so excited to both be going to school together this year! Counting down the days until they are "dragons" together!

Kline turned 2 and had a "Very Hungry Caterpillar" party! We had it with all the fun fruits and snacks he ate...even had a balloon caterpillar! His aunt Heather read the story to all the kids and that was a huge hit! All the kids loved it.  He is getting very big likes to watch and follow Kaden around all the time.  He also likes to try to do all things Kaden does! He is more recently talking a lot and understanding him is getting somewhat easier!  He weighs 4 pounds less than his 5 year old brother, but in a very stout way! He is getting bigger and bigger every day and I love it! He loves playing with his cousins so much, even to the point of taking his cousin's Emme's bow and running away with it and then chunks it! He is an awesome thrower and can shoot the basketball in the small kid hoop like no ones business! (I think he takes after his brother and dad!) He completes our family in more ways then one! Love him to pieces!

The 5 cousins took our annual beach picture this summer and they turned out so cute! My kids love those 3 Ladd kiddos so much. They are so fun to be around and being at Aunt Heathers and Uncle Micahs is always so much more fun!

 Keenan stayed super busy as his first year at Tascosa and with basketball and various camps all summer, he stayed pretty busy! I love seeing him when he is most happy, and that is when he is with his family and coaching! I am so glad he is getting to do what he loves so much! 
I am finishing up my masters in Administration in Education in December! So ready to be done with school and ready to see where God takes me with that! I did give up the position as one of the cheerleading coaches at Tascosa this last year.  It was difficult because the relationships I had with the girls and the other coaches, but it has been better for myself and my family! With Kaden playing baseball and soccer this fall, I will be plenty busy!

My 3 boys make my life complete and I am so blessed because of them!

Summer was fun and we made lots of memories...we went to OKC, a couple of Rangers games in Dallas, and hanging out at the house, playing in the water and being with family! Fun times out at Gamma and Pops with lots of fireworks and getting dirty outside.  We had a family reunion in Amarillo with family across the nation come! We had so much fun and the kids loved meeting, playing and making a mess together! 

A busy and fun summer is coming to an end and we are ready to get in our school time routine! Kaden starting Kindergarten and Kline being a big kid at his daycare!  Keenan teaching a different subject at school and me being the department head of my department at school. Lots of fun adventures ahead, but we are ready!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tis the Season

Every new season that begins in our life is always a fun filled adventure!
With the Christmas season here, it gets me
most excited for all the family time we are about to embark on. It makes me think of the adventures we h
ave had this past fall, the adventures that are upcomin
g in the spring and the adventures happing right now!
With Keenan's new job as part of the staff on the Tascosa Varsity football and basketball teams, I have been a single coaches wife and have had to learn a all the fun things I can do on my own with both of my boys! It has been an adventure but a fun adventur
e! I could not have gotten through it without my fa
mily! Thank God for them! But he is loving what he is doing, especially since basketball has star
ted and he is coaching with one of his longest friends, Steven Jackson. So that makes it even more fun!
Kaden is doing great in PreK at Carver ECA. He l
oves it and is one of the best kids in his class, his teacher says! :) He was recently the "line leader" and this was huge for him! He talked abo
ut it every day after school and how important it was and what EXACTLY he did! I love this kid and what he is growing into!
Kline is getting bigger and getting into EVERYTH
ING...and that is no exaggeration! :) He tum
bles and falls and gets back up a
nd does it again! He is following his big brother everywhere and wants to do exactly what he is doing. (and Kaden at times is needy for his "space" which is fun to watch him talk Kline into doing something else for the time being).
The relationship my 2 boys are building is amazing! I love seeing that as a mom. it melts my heart! i have always heard watching the sibling relati
onship grow is amazing, but seeing my two boys relationship grown is so much more!
We are so blessed, it is unbelievable!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Time....What time?

Yes, fall is here and our household is very busy these days!
Keenan is coaching at Tascosa, Varsity Basketball and Football, so right now during football season, he is very busy! But we are enjoying working together and being on the same schedule! It is so nice! He is getting use to the change of schools, subject and being so busy! But we are now a family of Rebels! :) Now getting use to the hours, we will all be wonderful! :)
Kaden started Pre K a few weeks ago and loves it! he is so smart and does so very good!!! I am so proud of him! He loves his teacher Mrs. Krieger and his class! I love hearing all the stories of school when I pick him and his friends up everyday!
Kline is walking everywhere and getting into everything! He makes me and Keenan and Kaden laugh all the time as well as keeping us on our toes! He is losing his baby-ness though because he is walking and slimming up a tad (yes, only a tad!) :) so that does make me sad! But I love watching him grow and figure things out.
We are building a house and so excited! Supposed to be in around mid to end of November! I am so ready to move because I love it and it will be more room for our growing family! We have literally outgrown our home we are in now!!!
Fall is here and that means Halloween (Kaden is going to be Captain America and Kline a monster) :) and then Thanksgiving and Christmas! These are some of my favorite times, because family always comes to town and we always get to spend more time than we asked for with them! We are so blessed to have a wonderful extended family.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kline's 1st Birthday - Curious Kline

Kline's 1st birthday party was a huge success and lots of fun!!! He did not prove us wrong, he ate all of his cake! :) We had a banana split area and cake balls that looked like banana's! We gave Curious George books away as the kids thank you for coming party favors and had Curious George movie playing! The balloons all over the floor was a huge hit and helped with the decorations! I could not have done it without the help of my family in decorating, blowing up balloons, cleaning up, everything else!!! Kline loved it!! :) So glad that those that got to come!
Enjoy the pictures!!!

Lovin some cake!!!

Big brother Kaden helping blow out the candle!

The party favor books!

The delicious cake balls that looked like banana's! They were great!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer...It's gettin Hot in Here!!!!

Well summer has begun, and who could miss it???? It is so incredibly hot and dry it is crazy!! But we are enjoying being out of school and being a family at home! It is so nice having summers off with my husband that we get to spend with our kids...if it is just hanging out at the house, going to the pool, hanging out with family, whatever we want to do!
We have had some fun, going to OKC with some of our favorite people and Keenan and I went to Santa Fe for the weekend for our anniversary! It has been so nice to get away for those few days!
Kaden is hanging out with dad any and every time he gets the chance. He has gone golfing with him and up to basketball camp! When he gets home, he doesn't want to take his shoes off until his dad does, or if Keenan takes off his shirt, Kaden takes off his! Whatever Keenan does, Kaden wants to be just like him!! He puts his shoes by Keenans in Keenans closet and wants to brush his teeth with his dad! I love watching this relationship grow every day, the relationship only a father and son can have! WE ARE SO BLESSED!!!
Kline is getting so active!! He is crawling everywhere and pulls up on everything! He will be walking, no running, very soon! He cracks us up on his sweet reactions and facial expressions to everything! He is such a sweet baby that is 1 on Monday!!!! I cannot believe it! A year ago this weekend, I had no idea what laid ahead of us in the next few days!!! We are extremely blessed with our sweet Kline!
We celebrated Kaden and Boston's 4th birthday party together just a few weeks ago and it was a superhero party! HUGE success!!! :)
Happy birthday today to my sweet nephew Boston and my cousin Brayden!! We love you two so much!
Boston is my son's best bud ever and they love (and fight) like brothers! We are so blessed by that sweet Bos Man! He has such a sweet tender heart that is full of "super" stuff! :)
Brayden lives in Phoenix now and we miss seeing him more, because he is such a goofball and we love him! He plays with Kaden so well and Kaden never stops talking about him from the time they leave Amarillo for their visit to the next time they are in town!
Well I am finishing up my summer class this coming week and I am ready for it to be over with! It has been a long month of assignments, quizzes and tests! I am about half way to getting my masters! Getting there! :) YAY! Enjoying the month of July with my family and Cheer Camp at Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine...roughing it, huh! :)
Here are some pics of the past few months! Enjoy and God Bless!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring is here...and my boys are getting so big!!!

My sister took the boys pictures a few weekends ago, and I am so grateful she is here to capture all these sweet moments! My boys are getting so big! Kaden is going to be 4 on Monday and it still makes me want to cry, that my baby boy will be 4!!!! What a big boy he has become!!! He is a wonderful big brother that always makes me, his dad and Kline smile and laugh all the time. He has such a sweet spirit that is interested in everything around him! I am so lucky to be his momma and proud of the little guy he is becoming!
Kline is already 10 months old this Wednesday! He has had some ear problems but if you are around the kid, you would never know. I think that is why they get so bad and his ear drums have burst 3 times now! We just know this because of the yucky stuff coming out! We go to see an ENT May 19th so we will see what they say. He has such a sweet smile and gets so excited with his chubby legs and arms when he sees someone that he recognizes! I just love it! He is starting to army crawl with those chubby arms all over the place...and he is getting so fast!!! He can get across our living room pretty fast! He watches Kaden's EVERY move and just tries so hard to keep up with him!! This is something that I just love everyday to watch how they play and interact with each other! Kaden is so good with Kline, in helping him get certain things, helping me feed him and pretty much anything for his little brother. :)
Kline is also now eating what we eat... :) He still eats baby food sometimes, but would much rather prefer some of the burger we are eating or chicken nuggets! He is so funny! He lets US ALL know when he is ready for more! And watching him eat, putting the food in his mouth, is great! Those chubby hands are great!

We are finishing up another school year and are all so ready for summer! My sister and her family are moving back to Amarillo this summer and we cannot wait!! I am ready for my best friend to be closer (like 2 minutes away...) and our kids are going to not know what to do with themselves to be able to see each other so often!! A break from school and just those fun summer times outside or at the pool! We are ready!

Here are a few pictures of the boys! We are so extremely blessed!!!
Happy Easter!!! God is SO good!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break

It has been a nice few days off of work and time to spend with the family. We went to Albuquerque the first of the week to go watch as Randy got recognized at the state basketball tournament. 25 years ago his team won the state title so they recognized his team during half time of the game Saturday. So we made a mini vacation of it. We went to the dinosaur museum, kids went swimming, did some shopping and then to the zoo. It was a nice time to get away. Heather has all the pictures so I will post some when I get them. :)Other than that, we have just been hanging out and enjoying not having much to do. It would be a perfect week if I hadnt been to the doctor twice this week with each of the boys! They had strep at the beginning of the month and now are both sick again! I am asking healing over my 2 sweet boys!! The good thing is they are both acting fine and not acting sick! So that is a blessing!

This picture is our Valentines pictures and yes, I know it is a little late, but wanted to share! I just love it and think it is just precious!!
What is Emme going to do with all these boys?!? :)
Not ready to get back to work and the swing of things, BUT that means we are steps closer to summer and that makes me so excited!!!
Hope everyone has had a blessed week and if you had the time off, enjoyed that! :)