Saturday, November 22, 2008

Holidays are upon us

I just love this time of year. Thanksgiving and Christmas times are my favorite because of the time spent with family and friends...and the break from work! I love still being in school and getting the same break I did while growing up. :) Keenan is really ready because this is his first year and he was always very jealous of me when I had a 3 day break for Thanksgiving and a 2 week break for Christmas. So now we will get to spend it together with Kaden. We are very excited.
Other than the holidays coming up, we are staying busy with basketball. It has started in every way for our household...Keenan coaching the 8th grade boys teams at Westover, all 3 of my cheerleading squads cheering at Tascosa basketball games, Keenan playing on a city league team AND soon my nephew Mason playing on a YMCA team coached by Keenan and Pops. Thankfully, we all like basketball pretty well. Kaden seems to be liking it too...
I will post pictures soon, my connection cable to my camera is at school so I have no new ones on my computer to share. But soon I will. :)
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving...Lord knows we are so thankful for everything he has blessed us with!!!
Much love...