Monday, November 30, 2009


I have so much to be thankful as the holidays are here.
We recently went to Ruidoso for Thanksgiving with my sister Heather and her husband Micah and their 2 boys Mason and Boston ( and we had so much fun! It was a short trip but so nice to get out of town for a few days! We are so thankful...
Yesterday it snowed so much here in Amarillo (really not a TON but it snowed all day!) so we stayed in and got our Christmas tree and decorations up and got some closets cleaned out! We put stuff up in the attic and really worked hard...but I still think we have too much STUFF!!! :) It is crazy how much we consume and keep over a 4 year period...but we are thankful...
Teaching is going good for both Keenan and I but we are so ready for the Christmas break (even though we just got through with a short break, it was more like a teaser for the longer one!) :) Keenan tests out 8-12 next Wednesday, so please pray that he does to the best of his ability (more specific that he passes with flying colors! :)) He is ready to move on from junior high and get in to the high school level of coaching. We are so thankful...
We have been trying for around 7 months to add another small addition to the Hooker household and recently found out that we are expecting this summer!!! I am about 9 weeks along and have been sick for about 3 weeks now! I go to the doctor on December 16th, as Heather said, "just in time to see the little peanut before Christmas!" :) We are so excited and are so truly thankful...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week and has a wonderful Christmas in a few short weeks!

Thank you Lord for all of our blessings and the many more to come!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween is amlost here!

We recently had a halloween party with a bunch of our friends and their kids out at Boys Ranch. The kids all dressed up in their costumes, they played, trick or treated to each of us and took lots of pics. Heather has them all posted on her blog,, but I wanted to share a pic of Kaden. :) he was not in the best mood that afternoon (I am blaming it on not getting a good nap earlier that day, but who am I to blame... :)! ) but we had lots of fun!

Football season has only a few weeks left and I have mixed emotions...I love football but we have been so busy these last few months, I am ready to slow down a season just doesnt seem like so much, and I dont know why but it doesnt! :)

My sister found out she is having a GIRL and we are all so excited!!! She is the first girl on my mom's side of the family since me!!! Micah got to choose the first name and he choose Emmersyn! Which I love!! We are going to call her Emme! Heather picked her middle name, Dawn, which is my middle name. I am so honored for her to name her daughter after me! I am afraid my neice and I will be very close! :) I cant wait to have another one to love and spoil so much. Kids are such a blessing and I am excited Heather and Micah decided to have one more!!! Miss Emme's debute will be at the end of Februray and it cannot get her soon enough! we are waiting miss Emme!

Have a wonderful week ahead and stay warm... :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall is among us!!

So fall officially blew in tonight...and it got chilly...Kaden said he was cold the whole way out to the car from Chili's...yes, over and over and over again! :)

We recently took some pictures with my mom, Randy, Heather, Micah and the boys. They turned out so good! :) My sister is truly amazing!!

We went to the fair on Saturday night and have some cute pictures from that as well...I will post soon!
So we have been super busy. I recently got done being a Chi Omega alumnae and helping out the WT chapter through a great recruitment! I love helping and only want the best but I am SO glad last week is over. It was a long week and being away from my 2 guys was hard.
Kaden rode the horse with his Gamma and Pops in the fair parade this last week! He absolutley loved it and could not talk about anything else!
Kaden has also teeteed in the potty! He has done it twice now... :) (anything is great!)...once at Nicole's (the babysitters) and the other time and Pops and Gamma's with Pops! He refuses to do it at his own house, but whatever, at least he finally went! Since we had promised him when he finally would go in the potty that we would get him any toy (now dont criticize us yet...for the longest time he would want a toy at the store, we would say okay if you go teetee in the potty and he would say no thank you and set the toy back on the shelf...stuburn kid...who knows where he got that from!:)!!!) but anyways, Keenan took him to the store after he went potty to get his toy! He came back with some "Car's" stuff and a Dora Book...yes a dora book. hey, he is learning spanish so whatever!
Well in the life of Tascosa cheerleading, that has been busy! We beat Amarillo High!!! Yay!!! The first time in like 4 years! It was such a good game and I am glad we came out on top. We are staying busy with games all week but have the weekend off so I am glad for that! Randall on the other hand is struggling but Keenan's JH football teams are doing pretty well. I just want those Raiders to win one! Come on!!!
Heather finds out what she is having very soon...I cant wait to find out if I am going to have another nephew or a niece!! either one will be PERFECT with me and so exciting!!!
So since fall has arrived that means the holidays are upon us...Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! I just love the holidays especially when I get to spend it with my family! I am so truly blessed and could not ask for a better family!!
Everyone stay warm as the coldness blows on in...:)

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Here are some pics before we started back to school ... and got so busy!

This last week of school has been the craziest, busiest weeks in a long time! From starting school, getting use to my new schedule, cheerleading, football, and just family time with the boys, today is the first day all week that I have got to just lay around! And it has been nice. Tascosa won their game last night and it was an exciting win! Kaden was with me and did rather good at the game. It ended up going into overtime and we left right before that but listened to the overtime on the radio and it was a good win!
This is Kaden on the way to the game... :)

Keenan has been busy getting back into the swing of things with school and westover athletics and then Randall football duties are just keeping him extra busy! He really likes the new coach at Randall and is liking his kids at school too! It should be a good year for him.
Kaden has been going through some ups and downs...He is not liking getting up early in the mornings and would love to sleep in more! But then today, Saturday, he woke up at like 7:45...a little later but I could have used more sleep! We had a donut date this morning, just me and Kaden since Keenan was at football. It was fun.
But the school year has officially began and we are back to our busy schedules!!!...I am already ready for Thanksgiving/Christmas/Spring/Summer Break! :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer is just about over

So it is true....summer is just about over! It is officially over for Keenan (he went back last Friday) and I start back with the cheerleaders next Monday!!!! I cant believe it is coming to a quick close! Have I gotten accomplished what I thought I would at the beginning of the summer...potty train Kaden - Nope, I swear the kid will sit on the potty for an hour and do nothing, he hasnt found that button yet! clean out the house and get ready for the garage sale-kind of, but not completely finished (we are having a garage sale at my house on August 7th and 8th - TONS OF STUFF FROM MULTIPLE FAMILIES!!!) We were also going to update all of our hardware throughout our house...not done yet, as well as the light fixtures. Procastination has bit us in the rear!
But it has been a good summer, just gone by WAY to fast!!! A routine during the school year is nice but I sure like to sleep in a little, especially when Kaden doesnt get up until 10 or so. Those are nice days!
So my sister, Heather is pregnant and due in February!!! We are all so excited that there will be Ladd Baby #3 here soon!!! She goes to the doctor the first of August so pray that everything looks good.
Here is to the end of the summer...I will post pics soon! :) Lots of love...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kaden Riding Teddy Bear

So Kaden went out to his Gamma & Pops house last night and he got to ride his pop's horse teddy bear... :) He loved it and was so excited he got to ride teddy bear because he had been asking for weeks now. :) Thanks gamma and pops!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer is here...

...and we have not stopped since school was out. To begin with Keenan's younger brother, Kameron, graduated from Randall. We went to the graduation and were all so proud that he made this great accomplishment! :) Then I started cheerleading practice with all 31 of my girls to get ready for camp. We had 2 weeks of 2 a days and then went to camp last week. (which was fun but I am SO glad to be home!!!)  During that time, Keenan worked a Randall basketball camp and is working another camp next week. It is nice extra money. In the midst of all of that, Keenan has also been coaching a 6th and 7th grade team which has also kept him busy.  But Kaden did enjoy going to some of the practices with his dadda and some of the games. We have also been spending TONS of time with Heather, Micah, Mason and Boston!!! We go to the ranch and hang for a few days, they come to our house and hang out, go to the pool, the guys go golfing or fishing...we have just been busy with fun! :)
Kaden has grown so much in the last few months it seems...he is really coming to be so much fun and so full of life...he keeps me and Keenan going ALL OF THE TIME!!!! Hopefully soon we will be able to add a new addition to our family, we are just waiting on God's timing and will... :)
My nephew Boston turns 2 this Thursday!!! We are going to his fun outdoor water party out at Gamma & Pops!!! We are looking forward to that. 
Kaden LOVES being outside so I know he will have so much fun. :)
Kaden also went on his first camping trip at the lake with me, Keenan, his Uncle Blake, his girlfriend Kelsie and her brother. Other than the ridiculous wind that came for about an hour that night it was a great little overnight trip!!! Kaden did so good. I was very impressed!
My nephew Mason was in a baseball league for 6 & 7 year olds and had at least 1 game, sometimes 2 games a week! We loved watching him play...his team got SO much better and did an amazing job. They have a blog and check it out, even though the season is  They finished up at the end of the season tournament in 2nd place but did very well.  They beat the only undeafted team in the midst of it all. I am so proud of Mason and his team!!
One of our close friends, Marcus, graduated with Keenan from high school as well as played baskeball with him and I am really close to his wife Amy, are going through some hard times right now.  They just had their 2nd healthy baby boy, Gabe and got a beautiful new house, but Marcus just left to go to Fort Hood and will be leaving at the end of June, first of July to go to Kuwait to serve our nation in the army.  Having a newborn at home with a 1 1/2 year old by herself will be hard in it self but then the constant thinking of my husband being at war and praying for a safe return will be a struggle. This will be his 2nd time to be over there and hopefully he will be back in the states by March! So please keep them in your prayers!
We are currently rooting for those Longhorns to pull it out and win the CWS...they are down 0-1 right now, but hopefully they will win the next 2! Last night was a tough loss....
One of my friends had her baby last week when I was away at cheer camp...Kaci had her sweet baby girl, Brogan Elizabeth Bohn. I cant wait to see sweet thing and squeeze her! :) I have 2 other friends that are both due in August (days apart) and then another friend of mine that will be due in December!!!! There is someone close to me that is expecting but it is not well known yet! She will be due in February! Very new but I am WAY excited! She will announce it soon... :) Babies Babies everywhere!!!
The next few weeks are hopefully going to slow down a little!!! we are just ready to lay back and hang out with our family and friends... Love to all...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Kaden is 2!!!

Yes, our little guy is 2! I can't believe it. The past 2 years have been so fun and crazy! But I wouldnt change it for anything!!! Kaden is my sweet little guy that has the most kissable cheeks ever and is what I look forward to all day, seeing him after school! Here are a few pictures of his basketball party!

We just recently went to Mason's 6th birthday party which was a swim party! It was a total hit!! Heather took lots of pictures so take a look at her blog to see some of those...she will have some up soon I am sure! :) (while you are waiting to see pics from Mason's party, check out her photography site... Kaden wasnt all about all the people and the water but everyone else seemed to have a good time.

So I just got back from the of friends from high school, Amy Krieger, had her sweet baby Gabe late last night. I was there last week for a friend from college, Jessica Mitchell, and she had a sweet littler girl, Molly! I just got off the phone from my roommate from college and she will probably be having her little guy in the next few weeks!!! Another friend of mine should be having her baby next week as well!!! It is baby crazy going on! But they are all so cute and doing so good!! Praise the Lord!

Mother's Day is coming up and it really makes me sit back and think about how lucky I am! My mother (and my sister:)! ) is my best friend and I couldnt be so lucky! I am so grateful to have her in my life and my son's life! Thank you mom for all you have done for me and my family! We are so very lucky and you are so very special to us!
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out moms (Amy and Jessica) and expecant moms (Marcie and Niki) and all my other mom friends! Motherhood is the best! :)
Have a wonderful week!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Since Spring Break

Well since Spring Break, it has been very hectic around our house hold. :)
First of all, we went to Phoenix for most of the break to see my uncle, aunt and cousins who recently moved out there. There house was awesome and I cant wait to go back! The guys enjoyed the pool table and ping pong table as well as the pool and hot tub! It was beautiful and I am so jealous! The weather was perfect! If only it was like that all year round and didnt reach over 100 in the summer, I would so not mind living there! :) It was Kaden's first time to fly, mine and Kaden's first time to Phoenix and our first big family trip. We had loads of fun. From going to a Spring Training game, to the Phoenix Zoo, to the dog races to laying out by the pool, and even getting to watch my cousin Brayden play some baseball, we had a blast...
My cousin Brayden, Mason and my other cousin Brendan at the spring training game
My cousin Brayden hittin' the ball baby!!! :)

Cousins Boston and Kaden hanging out by the pool... dont you just love their matching swimming trunks and top?!? :) Thanks Gamma!!!
Kaden eating at the dog races

Me and Keenan at the zoo

Kaden and Boston in the stroller at the zoo...
Very pretty animal!

My sweet family! :)
Isn't it cool?!?!??!?! :)
Mason and Kaden checking out the HUGE turtles! :)

Heather also got to take some pictures of Kaden since he will be turning 2 in a few weeks! Yes, my baby is turning 2 and I cannot believe it. EVERYONE always said that time flies, and I didnt really believe it going though those nights with not much sleep, to colicy, to nicu, to everything else with a baby, but it does. He is getting so big and has turned in to a little man for sure!

Well we had cheerleading tryouts the Friday before spring break and they ended up very well. I was very pleased with the new squads for Tascosa for next year and think it will be a good year...but oh, time will only tell! :)
Keenan is staying busy with track and he also got offered to coach a 7th grade boys basketball team for Hoop 10 in Amarillo. He was really excited because he loves to coach basketball and to make matters better, he gets paid for doing it! :) He is almost done with his first year as a teacher and I think he going to survive! :)

Heather and I are still doing diaper cakes...and we are having fun. We got our first "official" order from someone who had received our email from a friend of theirs. We were super excited!

April begins a busy month of birthdays for our family. Me, my moms, Keenans, Heathers, Kadens, and Jilly. We all cant wait!! Kaden's birthday party we are going to walk/run in the March of Dimes 5k. Since he was in the NICU when he was born and the March of Dimes helps support the NICU, and it landed on Kaden's birthday, we thought it would only be best! So we are getting a "TEAM KADEN" together do this. We are all very excited.

After the big morning of the 5k, we will go to the YMCA for Kaden's basketball birthday party! He is so excited! Especially since basketball is what he loves the most!!! and the kid can dribble, if you can believe it or not! I swear...he can litteraly dribble a regular size basketball. :) It is amazing! He really has some of his dad's genes in him!
We are looking forward to a very enjoyable and busy month of April! Lots of love...