Sunday, March 29, 2009

Since Spring Break

Well since Spring Break, it has been very hectic around our house hold. :)
First of all, we went to Phoenix for most of the break to see my uncle, aunt and cousins who recently moved out there. There house was awesome and I cant wait to go back! The guys enjoyed the pool table and ping pong table as well as the pool and hot tub! It was beautiful and I am so jealous! The weather was perfect! If only it was like that all year round and didnt reach over 100 in the summer, I would so not mind living there! :) It was Kaden's first time to fly, mine and Kaden's first time to Phoenix and our first big family trip. We had loads of fun. From going to a Spring Training game, to the Phoenix Zoo, to the dog races to laying out by the pool, and even getting to watch my cousin Brayden play some baseball, we had a blast...
My cousin Brayden, Mason and my other cousin Brendan at the spring training game
My cousin Brayden hittin' the ball baby!!! :)

Cousins Boston and Kaden hanging out by the pool... dont you just love their matching swimming trunks and top?!? :) Thanks Gamma!!!
Kaden eating at the dog races

Me and Keenan at the zoo

Kaden and Boston in the stroller at the zoo...
Very pretty animal!

My sweet family! :)
Isn't it cool?!?!??!?! :)
Mason and Kaden checking out the HUGE turtles! :)

Heather also got to take some pictures of Kaden since he will be turning 2 in a few weeks! Yes, my baby is turning 2 and I cannot believe it. EVERYONE always said that time flies, and I didnt really believe it going though those nights with not much sleep, to colicy, to nicu, to everything else with a baby, but it does. He is getting so big and has turned in to a little man for sure!

Well we had cheerleading tryouts the Friday before spring break and they ended up very well. I was very pleased with the new squads for Tascosa for next year and think it will be a good year...but oh, time will only tell! :)
Keenan is staying busy with track and he also got offered to coach a 7th grade boys basketball team for Hoop 10 in Amarillo. He was really excited because he loves to coach basketball and to make matters better, he gets paid for doing it! :) He is almost done with his first year as a teacher and I think he going to survive! :)

Heather and I are still doing diaper cakes...and we are having fun. We got our first "official" order from someone who had received our email from a friend of theirs. We were super excited!

April begins a busy month of birthdays for our family. Me, my moms, Keenans, Heathers, Kadens, and Jilly. We all cant wait!! Kaden's birthday party we are going to walk/run in the March of Dimes 5k. Since he was in the NICU when he was born and the March of Dimes helps support the NICU, and it landed on Kaden's birthday, we thought it would only be best! So we are getting a "TEAM KADEN" together do this. We are all very excited.

After the big morning of the 5k, we will go to the YMCA for Kaden's basketball birthday party! He is so excited! Especially since basketball is what he loves the most!!! and the kid can dribble, if you can believe it or not! I swear...he can litteraly dribble a regular size basketball. :) It is amazing! He really has some of his dad's genes in him!
We are looking forward to a very enjoyable and busy month of April! Lots of love...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Break is Almost Here!!!!

I am so ready for spring break to be here!!! Just for Saturday morning to come will be so nice. This week we are having cheerleading tryouts at Tascosa so I have been up at the school until around 6:15 or so then come home to see my 2 guys, eat a quick dinner, get Kaden bathed and ready for bed, play a little and off to bed...and dont even get me started on the time change this last weekend!! Boy it has done us all in at the Hooker household! But cheerleading tryouts are going very well and we have a lot of potential in the girls trying out. I am excited about a good year next year!

The time change...well Kaden does not like it. He wakes up in the CRANKIEST mood!!! It is unbelieveable! And it still being dark outside when we leave to go to Mrs Becky's house and then me on to work, is no fun. But I do like it staying lighter longer...just getting used to it is hard! :)

But anyways, spring break....ahhhhh...the sound of it makes me smile. Just a break from the kids will be nice. They seem to be more anxious for it to get here than me...and that is pretty anxious! We are going to Phoenix for half of spring break and I am so pumped. This will be Kaden and Boston's first airplane ride and big long trip! I have never been to Phoenix so I am super excited! And to be where it is nice and warm...since it is so stinkin cold here as I type! :)

This past Saturday, Heather took some pictures of Mason, Kaden and Boston at a church that she is taking another little girls pictures this coming weekend. She wanted to "test" it out. :) Well, the 20 minutes we were there, she got some AWESOME pictures! We were so excited.

Kaden, Mason and Boston poseing (and laughing) for the camera!

Kaden jumping because he was SOOOO excited! :)
Best buds for life, off to get into who knows what...
Sweet Boston playing and getting really excited.

Heather and I have also started making diaper cakes. They are super cute and GREAT gifts. I have some pictures of some of our most recent! :) We are loving it and having so much fun!

Keenan is in the middle of track season at Westover so that is keeping him busy still...and with cheerleading never ending, we just stay super busy! :) But we are all doing good and enjoying our little Kaden man!
We are doing wonderful!! and ready for our birthday month to get here!!! YAY!!!