Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall is here...


My sister started a tradition with Mason when he was little to take him to a pumpkin patch and let him run around, find some pumpkins, take some pictures and just have fun. Since Kaden and Boston have been around, we have continued that. We went last weekend to a pumpkin patch and we had lots of fun!!! Kaden did throw some of the pumpkins too!

We also had a Halloween party with some of my friends and all our kids!!! Kaden was a lion, Boston an elephant and Mason was a blue Power Ranger. We had lots of fun there too.

I also wanted to share some pics at the WT football game and then a few others I just like. :) Hope everyone is having a wonderfull beginning to Fall!!! We are!!

**I dont really know why some of the pictures are small and some are normal size...I think it has to do with the setting on my camea. It must have gotten switched on some of them. Sorry!! Hope you can still see them all. :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well, lately, we have been so super busy! I know I say that every week, but we just cant slow down. I havent had the chance to just sit in front of the computer and catch up on my blogs, favorite TV shows I have missed, or just to browse. :) But I did want to share some pictures of Kaden lately...

He stayed with Gamma and Pops for a little bit the other night and they got to ride horses!!!

By what they said and as you see in the pictures, he loved it. When they had to put the horses up, he cried! And he never cries for Gamma and Pops!! (mostly because he usually gets whatever he wants). But he had so much fun with them that night. When I got there to get him, he came running to the door, smiled at me and turned right back around and went to his Pops. Sat in his lap and that was it...he didnt want to leave!

He finally did, screaming all the way to the car and half way home. It was wonderful! But all that crying made him even more tired than he already was and he fell right to sleep when we got home. :)
Kaden is trying to talk and repeat just about everything anyone says. Keenan will count to 10 and after each number, Kaden will attempt to repeat it. It is so cute! He is growing up so fast and has the cutest personality! He went through a little bit of a period where he was mad at the world and nothing made him happy (or with me that is) but it has gotten SO much better!
His cousins, Mason & Boston recently moved out to Boys Ranch and that is a good 45 minutes from our house so it has been a change and taken some time to get used to. Mason had received a basketball goal from Gamma and Pops but at their new house, there was no where to put it. So Mason informed his mom and dad "just take it to Uncle Keenan's house..." so there you go. We are the keepers of an outdoor basketball goal for awhile. I dont know about Kaden, but I know that made Keenan way excited! He shoots on it as much as possible. :) And Kaden just loves being outside with his dad and trying to shoot. Well tonight, Kaden was shooting and making some baskets!!

He could have done that for hours! He loved it! So thank you Mason for letting us borrow it for awhile! The guys at my house are putting it to good use!

So, Keenan and I recently got IPhones!!! They are so addicting it is crazy! The amount of stuff that one little thing can do amazes me; and I am a technology teacher! We are addicted, IPhone junkies!!! But we love it! It is just taking some time to getting use to the touch screen and all the different gadgets!

Football season is just about over...4 more games for me and just a few more for Keenan...but then basketball season starts! I will be super busy with the cheerleaders and Keenan will be coaching at Westover and then helping with Randall. :) So it doesnt look like we will slow down much in the coming months.

Fall is officially here and I love it! That means Thanksgiving is getting close and Christmas is even closer! I just love the holidays! Mostly because of the family that comes in and the time we all spend together...the break from school is always nice too!

Have a wonderful rest of the week and I will try not to be as long till my next post!!!

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