Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oh wow...

It has been over 2 months since I have updated my blog...needless to say, we have been VERY busy! With having 2 little guys now and getting back to work and the swing of things, I havent had a night to not have anything to do until tonight! It has been awhile!

Kaden has been doing good, being a great big helper and loving his cousin Boston! He does great with Kline and is very protective over him at 'Coles!

Kline has been getting SO big! He was in the 94% at 8 weeks for his weight! He doubled his birth weight in 8 weeks! He is such a good, happy boy and LOVES to eat! You can tell by what he weighs now! The little guy resembles his big brother in so many ways, especially when he has a hat on! He doesnt have near to close the amount of hair Kaden had, but other than that, they look pretty similar! It is crazy!

The last weekend of summer we went to Ruidoso with my family and had such a great time! This was a family picture taken of all of us, the first since the hospital after Kline was born!

Keenan is staying busy with Westover Park football and school and then helping with Randall football. He is still loving coaching and I am so happy about that! I am back in full swing of things at Tascosa with my new classes (all Audio/Video Production) and cheerleading. I have also started working on my masters through Eastern New Mexico! So again, we are very busy between school, practices, games and me working on my masters!

Heather just took Klines 3 month pics and they are up on her website under client photos and children! :) Take a look. Look around at the rest of her pics...she is pretty talented!

I promise, I will try to be lovely sister Heather always gets on to me for not updating this enough! :)

Hope all else is well with you!