Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween is amlost here!

We recently had a halloween party with a bunch of our friends and their kids out at Boys Ranch. The kids all dressed up in their costumes, they played, trick or treated to each of us and took lots of pics. Heather has them all posted on her blog,, but I wanted to share a pic of Kaden. :) he was not in the best mood that afternoon (I am blaming it on not getting a good nap earlier that day, but who am I to blame... :)! ) but we had lots of fun!

Football season has only a few weeks left and I have mixed emotions...I love football but we have been so busy these last few months, I am ready to slow down a season just doesnt seem like so much, and I dont know why but it doesnt! :)

My sister found out she is having a GIRL and we are all so excited!!! She is the first girl on my mom's side of the family since me!!! Micah got to choose the first name and he choose Emmersyn! Which I love!! We are going to call her Emme! Heather picked her middle name, Dawn, which is my middle name. I am so honored for her to name her daughter after me! I am afraid my neice and I will be very close! :) I cant wait to have another one to love and spoil so much. Kids are such a blessing and I am excited Heather and Micah decided to have one more!!! Miss Emme's debute will be at the end of Februray and it cannot get her soon enough! we are waiting miss Emme!

Have a wonderful week ahead and stay warm... :)