Sunday, August 31, 2008

What a Fun weekend

We just got back from the Boys Ranch Rodeo and it was loads of fun!! We watched Mason ride the sheep in the Muttin' Bustin and that was the best part! We did get boots on Kaden and Boston, but I did not get any pictures of them with my camera. So when I get some of the I will post! They looked so dang cute! But it was a good weekend spending with my sister and her family that now reside out there! My mom and Randy and Randy's sister and husband, Tamra and Guy rented an RV and came out there too. That was fun to spend time with them. Getting together as a family is always good!

We got home and you could tell Kaden missed home. :) He just ran from one room to the other finding his favorite thing in each room and grabbing it and playing with it for just a second before he moved on to the next! He has not settled down since we got home. He then ate and that was interesting! Letting a little guy eat hamburger helper with a spoon when he is first learning how to feed himself with utensils is always a mess! But he did and ate it all! (Even though most of the juices were on the table and floor!!!)

But I did take some pictures of him playing for a little bit to share. (Apparently I dont post enough pictures--Heather) So enjoy!!

We are going to rest and relax tomorrow on our day off and then back to the routine of life! :) Have a wonderful labor day!

(Apparently I had taken 1 picture at the rodeo waiting for it to begin! --the first picture! and Aunt Heather had taken one of me in my new boots! Thanks aunt lala! :)!!!)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back to a routine...

Well school starts tomorrow and we are off for an exciting and very busy year! Keenan is ready to start teaching at Westover Park (we have been up there all weekend making sure) and I am ready to start yet again another year at Tascosa. Kaden has been going to Mrs. Becky's for most of the summer so nothing new for him. Kaden will just be attending A LOT of sporting events with mom and dad!! Between cheerleading at Tascosa and all the games dad will be coaching, he has no choice! This week we have a football game Thursday night, Friday night and then we are heading to Boys Ranch to watch our nephew Mason be a part of the Muttin' Bustin' this weekend! He (and we) are so excited!!! There is a picture of him practicing on He is pretty good! and ready to go Bustin'! :) Mason will also be starting school tomorrow! and I cant believe it is already time for him to do this!!! He is so big! But he will do so good and impress his teacher so much because he is so smart! I just know it! :)
I will let you know how our first week goes as teachers. Keep us in your prayers!! :)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Red Velvet Cake

We went out to Gamma & Pops house to have dinner and celebrate Heather & Micahs 6 year wedding anniversary. Gamma had gotten them a red velvet cake (which is there favorite) for dessert. Well we are working on Kaden eating more by himself with his hands and a fork or spoon. We decided to give him a plate of the cake and take him outside and have a good messy time (1st birthday cake time x2). Well boy, did he have fun!! He ate the entire piece (which was pretty big) and was a mess from literally head to toe! He had some in his nose, ears, between his toes, in his diaper, EVERYWHERE!!! It was fun! Also, Boston and Kaden were fixing to go to bed and we snapped a few cute pictures!! :) Enjoy the pictures

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kaden James

He is repeating EVERYTHING we say, well kind of. :) We say something and he tries to say it. Sometimes you can tell what he is trying to say, other times, it just sounds like a big mess. but still so cute!
Some recent things -- He is still getting into everything and so fun to play with; anytime he sees or smells food, he wants it; he gives kisses all of the time; he sleeps until 8:30 or 9 most days (which has been awesome this summer and is going to stink getting ready for school to start!); his new thing is pulling ALL of our DVD's off of the holder into the floor and laugh (And if you know me and Keenan, that is A LOT of DVD's. :)!!); I love how he says thank you most every time you give him something; how he does the sign language sign for more when he wants more (which is most of the time); has conquered shooting the basketball and making a shot on the next level up (his dad thought it was time to move it up-and he is doing so good!); LOVES for me and Keenan to read to him, he will just find a book, hand it to us and back into our lap to sit down and say again at least 2 times after we have finished the book; he thinks it is so funny to pull his shorts/shirts/pjs out of his drawer, throw them on the ground, and run away from me while he is laughing!...and that is just to name a few things going on with Kaden right now!
I love being a mother to this little guy!!! He brightens my day brighter than I ever imagined. motherhood is the best thing
I am also attaching some recent pictures of my little guy!
Hope you have enjoyed the recent things about Kaden lately...I had fun reminiscing. :)