Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Ventures...

My sister, Heather, has started a new venture in her life...she is starting to take pictures and get in to the photography business...she recently took some pictures of Kaden, and her 2 boys, Mason and Boston!! They are so precious! I am super excited because I will have my best friend around all the time to capture my Kaden and future kids as they grow up!! How lucky are we??? :) But with my some what knowledge of Photoshop, we have had some lessons on how to make pictures have that extra added touch to them and learned some new things as well. It has been fun. :) Here are some recent ones...
My sweet Kaden...
Kaden giving his Gamma kisses
My adorable nephew Boston. :)

And the COOLEST nephew anyone could have, Mason!

A new venture for me is...READING!!!! Yes, I have been able to read since I was young, but I never got a book and just wanted to read it from front to back cover without putting it down...well I have found that book, or series rather. :) I started the "Twilight" series a week and a half ago and I am just about finished with the 3rd of the 4 books...I am HOOKED!!!! and I would have never guessed any book would have got me so attached. But it has. It is so good...I, as well as the rest of my family, are so shocked on how I am just reading everytime I get a chance. (I gave me a short break to post a blog but believe me, after Kaden goes to bed, I will be reading!!) I have even been reading on the couch and Kaden gets one of his favorite books recently, gets up beside me and reads his book in his own language he has and understands right now. :) It is so much fun!!! All I know is when this time is over and I have read the last line of the last book, I think I will be really sad. Heather, my sister, has also been addicted (which is not to much out of character for her since she was an English major in college and has always loved to read) but she is finished with it and is definitly having Edward and Bella withdrawls!! It does give us one more thing to talk about which is fun for the both of us. Keenan on the other hand cant believe that I cannot put the darn book down!!! I am just as shocked as most, believe me!!! I just love it. :)

Anyways, Kaden has been doing good. He just got over a cold, having strep and anything else he could seem to catch. :) But he is finally not coughing or have a runny nose! I love it when medicine works. He is keeping me and Keenan on our toes, having temper tantrums all of the time and I swear the "terrible 2's" (if that really does exist) has come a few months earlier for Kaden. Maybe that means it will end sooner?!?!? :) But we are all doing good. Just staying busy like usual with school, basketball games, cheerleading :) and keeping up with the rest of our families!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Year...

As 2009 has begun and we have gone back to school, it feels like we just picked up where we had left off in mid-december with school and games. And now our nephew Mason is starting his basketball season with his Pops and Uncle Keenan coaching him. So we will be going to watch YMCA-litte guys basketball games on most Saturdays. Since I played basketball, I do not mind watching the game, but really love watching my nephew play. He is pretty good for being 5 1/2. :) Kaden is really enjoying basketball games in general because they are inside so he is not bundled up like at football games and he can run around and play on the side of the gym. So I think Kaden and Boston will enjoy Mason's games this coming season.
As you all know, I am the cheerleading sponsor at Tascosa and this is my first year to do this. It has been a very interesting year, hard at times, but fun for the most part. I had a really hard and rough week this last week with Tascosa Cheerleading and only hope it can only get better.
I am really looking forward to this coming year because Keenan and I are wanting to get pregnant this coming fall so it will be a year with some changes, hopefully, if that is in God's plan for us. :) We would love for it to be but we of course will follow his path. :) So Kaden will have just turned 3 when we have another one, Keenan will be out from under I Teach Texas program and have a teaching certificate, not a probationary certificate.
I also have A LOT of friends that are pregnant and going to have a new additions to their family this year and that is super exciting!!! I have like 8 friends that are expecting and one that just had a baby at the end of the 2008 year!
I know 2009 has a lot to offer us and we are excited to see what God has prepared for us.
Have a wonderful new year!!!