Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer...It's gettin Hot in Here!!!!

Well summer has begun, and who could miss it???? It is so incredibly hot and dry it is crazy!! But we are enjoying being out of school and being a family at home! It is so nice having summers off with my husband that we get to spend with our kids...if it is just hanging out at the house, going to the pool, hanging out with family, whatever we want to do!
We have had some fun, going to OKC with some of our favorite people and Keenan and I went to Santa Fe for the weekend for our anniversary! It has been so nice to get away for those few days!
Kaden is hanging out with dad any and every time he gets the chance. He has gone golfing with him and up to basketball camp! When he gets home, he doesn't want to take his shoes off until his dad does, or if Keenan takes off his shirt, Kaden takes off his! Whatever Keenan does, Kaden wants to be just like him!! He puts his shoes by Keenans in Keenans closet and wants to brush his teeth with his dad! I love watching this relationship grow every day, the relationship only a father and son can have! WE ARE SO BLESSED!!!
Kline is getting so active!! He is crawling everywhere and pulls up on everything! He will be walking, no running, very soon! He cracks us up on his sweet reactions and facial expressions to everything! He is such a sweet baby that is 1 on Monday!!!! I cannot believe it! A year ago this weekend, I had no idea what laid ahead of us in the next few days!!! We are extremely blessed with our sweet Kline!
We celebrated Kaden and Boston's 4th birthday party together just a few weeks ago and it was a superhero party! HUGE success!!! :)
Happy birthday today to my sweet nephew Boston and my cousin Brayden!! We love you two so much!
Boston is my son's best bud ever and they love (and fight) like brothers! We are so blessed by that sweet Bos Man! He has such a sweet tender heart that is full of "super" stuff! :)
Brayden lives in Phoenix now and we miss seeing him more, because he is such a goofball and we love him! He plays with Kaden so well and Kaden never stops talking about him from the time they leave Amarillo for their visit to the next time they are in town!
Well I am finishing up my summer class this coming week and I am ready for it to be over with! It has been a long month of assignments, quizzes and tests! I am about half way to getting my masters! Getting there! :) YAY! Enjoying the month of July with my family and Cheer Camp at Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine...roughing it, huh! :)
Here are some pics of the past few months! Enjoy and God Bless!!!

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