Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring is almost here!!!

As I put that as my title of this post, I laugh because oh how I wish it was here to stay! I think it is just teasing me and wont be here for good for a little bit longer...but oh how I hope it proves me wrong...
to update you on the Hooker family, we are busy and the kids are getting so big!
Keenan has started track season so he has been busy with practices and meets. Kaden starts basketball at the local YMCA next month and we are excited for that. He has also been doing gymnastics and wrestling! I love watching him have fun and learn...seeing your child learn and grow is one of the best thing ever. Knowing that my little guy that made me a mom is going to be 4 in a few short months, makes me my heart smile and ache that he is growing up so fast all in the same moment!
Kline, oh Kline, how he is the happiest, chubbiest, little guy ever! Having 8 teeth in 8 months is crazy!!! and when he cuts his teeth, boy does he show every sign or side effect in the book listed for teething! He will be crying out in the hurt cry he has and then in a split second, when his brother is in his line of sight, he smiles and starts laughing! Oh how he loves his big brother Kaden! Seeing that is the best thing I have EVER seen!!! I am so in love with my boys, I can hardly stand it. Kline is finally rolling over and sitting up so good! He is talking to us in his own little way and smiles every time he sees us!
Spring break is just around the corner and that means a week off from work and then the countdown for summer vacation is on! Keenan and I both being teachers is so wonderful especially in the summers when we both have off and can just relax and have fun together! Oh how I am looking forward to those times with my family! Playing outside with Kaden, watching Kline get so big and probably walking/running, going to the pool and sitting on my parents back porch in the long summer evenings with my family! These are the times of my life that I love and really enjoy!
I sometimes look at my life and think how crazy it is that Keenan and I will be married 5 years in May and we are so incredibly happy and in love. That we have 2 kids, an almost 4 year old and an almost 9 month old that are the light of our lives!! I have best friends that are my sister and my mom, a step dad that would do anything for me, 2 nephews and a niece that are so precious I cant hardly stand it, a brother-in-law that always makes me laugh, 3 brothers that I love unconditionally and so many more friends and family I am so blessed because of. I just keep thinking and saying, "How blessed am I?"

Oh spring and summer how I wish you will get here soon!! I am ready for flip flops and warm weather!

Happy spring to you!

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