Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break

It has been a nice few days off of work and time to spend with the family. We went to Albuquerque the first of the week to go watch as Randy got recognized at the state basketball tournament. 25 years ago his team won the state title so they recognized his team during half time of the game Saturday. So we made a mini vacation of it. We went to the dinosaur museum, kids went swimming, did some shopping and then to the zoo. It was a nice time to get away. Heather has all the pictures so I will post some when I get them. :)Other than that, we have just been hanging out and enjoying not having much to do. It would be a perfect week if I hadnt been to the doctor twice this week with each of the boys! They had strep at the beginning of the month and now are both sick again! I am asking healing over my 2 sweet boys!! The good thing is they are both acting fine and not acting sick! So that is a blessing!

This picture is our Valentines pictures and yes, I know it is a little late, but wanted to share! I just love it and think it is just precious!!
What is Emme going to do with all these boys?!? :)
Not ready to get back to work and the swing of things, BUT that means we are steps closer to summer and that makes me so excited!!!
Hope everyone has had a blessed week and if you had the time off, enjoyed that! :)

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