Monday, September 26, 2011

Time....What time?

Yes, fall is here and our household is very busy these days!
Keenan is coaching at Tascosa, Varsity Basketball and Football, so right now during football season, he is very busy! But we are enjoying working together and being on the same schedule! It is so nice! He is getting use to the change of schools, subject and being so busy! But we are now a family of Rebels! :) Now getting use to the hours, we will all be wonderful! :)
Kaden started Pre K a few weeks ago and loves it! he is so smart and does so very good!!! I am so proud of him! He loves his teacher Mrs. Krieger and his class! I love hearing all the stories of school when I pick him and his friends up everyday!
Kline is walking everywhere and getting into everything! He makes me and Keenan and Kaden laugh all the time as well as keeping us on our toes! He is losing his baby-ness though because he is walking and slimming up a tad (yes, only a tad!) :) so that does make me sad! But I love watching him grow and figure things out.
We are building a house and so excited! Supposed to be in around mid to end of November! I am so ready to move because I love it and it will be more room for our growing family! We have literally outgrown our home we are in now!!!
Fall is here and that means Halloween (Kaden is going to be Captain America and Kline a monster) :) and then Thanksgiving and Christmas! These are some of my favorite times, because family always comes to town and we always get to spend more time than we asked for with them! We are so blessed to have a wonderful extended family.

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