Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tis the Season

Every new season that begins in our life is always a fun filled adventure!
With the Christmas season here, it gets me
most excited for all the family time we are about to embark on. It makes me think of the adventures we h
ave had this past fall, the adventures that are upcomin
g in the spring and the adventures happing right now!
With Keenan's new job as part of the staff on the Tascosa Varsity football and basketball teams, I have been a single coaches wife and have had to learn a all the fun things I can do on my own with both of my boys! It has been an adventure but a fun adventur
e! I could not have gotten through it without my fa
mily! Thank God for them! But he is loving what he is doing, especially since basketball has star
ted and he is coaching with one of his longest friends, Steven Jackson. So that makes it even more fun!
Kaden is doing great in PreK at Carver ECA. He l
oves it and is one of the best kids in his class, his teacher says! :) He was recently the "line leader" and this was huge for him! He talked abo
ut it every day after school and how important it was and what EXACTLY he did! I love this kid and what he is growing into!
Kline is getting bigger and getting into EVERYTH
ING...and that is no exaggeration! :) He tum
bles and falls and gets back up a
nd does it again! He is following his big brother everywhere and wants to do exactly what he is doing. (and Kaden at times is needy for his "space" which is fun to watch him talk Kline into doing something else for the time being).
The relationship my 2 boys are building is amazing! I love seeing that as a mom. it melts my heart! i have always heard watching the sibling relati
onship grow is amazing, but seeing my two boys relationship grown is so much more!
We are so blessed, it is unbelievable!

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