Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring is here...and my boys are getting so big!!!

My sister took the boys pictures a few weekends ago, and I am so grateful she is here to capture all these sweet moments! My boys are getting so big! Kaden is going to be 4 on Monday and it still makes me want to cry, that my baby boy will be 4!!!! What a big boy he has become!!! He is a wonderful big brother that always makes me, his dad and Kline smile and laugh all the time. He has such a sweet spirit that is interested in everything around him! I am so lucky to be his momma and proud of the little guy he is becoming!
Kline is already 10 months old this Wednesday! He has had some ear problems but if you are around the kid, you would never know. I think that is why they get so bad and his ear drums have burst 3 times now! We just know this because of the yucky stuff coming out! We go to see an ENT May 19th so we will see what they say. He has such a sweet smile and gets so excited with his chubby legs and arms when he sees someone that he recognizes! I just love it! He is starting to army crawl with those chubby arms all over the place...and he is getting so fast!!! He can get across our living room pretty fast! He watches Kaden's EVERY move and just tries so hard to keep up with him!! This is something that I just love everyday to watch how they play and interact with each other! Kaden is so good with Kline, in helping him get certain things, helping me feed him and pretty much anything for his little brother. :)
Kline is also now eating what we eat... :) He still eats baby food sometimes, but would much rather prefer some of the burger we are eating or chicken nuggets! He is so funny! He lets US ALL know when he is ready for more! And watching him eat, putting the food in his mouth, is great! Those chubby hands are great!

We are finishing up another school year and are all so ready for summer! My sister and her family are moving back to Amarillo this summer and we cannot wait!! I am ready for my best friend to be closer (like 2 minutes away...) and our kids are going to not know what to do with themselves to be able to see each other so often!! A break from school and just those fun summer times outside or at the pool! We are ready!

Here are a few pictures of the boys! We are so extremely blessed!!!
Happy Easter!!! God is SO good!!!


Ladd Family said...

Have I told you lately how stinkin handsome your boys are??

Sam and Mandy said...

What great pictures - your boys are so precious!